Urban Skillz


Urban Skillz equips musicians, music producers, actors and rappers to run accredited workshop-based arts courses, culminating in a drama performance, music video or music track.

Regardless of the creative medium used, each Urban Skillz programme is designed to develop young people’s creative thinking and challenge negative attitudes.

Each programme offers young people a platform of skills from which to positively express their feelings, thoughts and emotions and grow in confidence.

Our award-winning, accredited, Urban Skillz programme have helped many young people to gain vital qualifications and experience the arts in a whole new way.

Urban Skillz programmes are available as Music, Theatre or a combined course.


“The expertise, commitment and energy given by Reflex, produced an outstanding and amazing production. From the initial play, which encouraged so many women to participate, to the final performance, the whole experience has been one of the most positive events to happen in Styal for many years”

Learning and Skills Coordinator, HMP & YOI Styal


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Urban Skillz Sample Pack

Download our Urban Skillz Sample pack to see how our courses could meet the needs of your young people.

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External Evaluation

Read the Arts Council Commissioned report, produced by the Evaluation Trust, on Reflex award winning Urban Skillz programmes.

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