Reflex want to give every young person the opportunity to fulfil their God given potential.


Our dedicated team of Outreach Workers create safe space for young people, ensuring that their voices are heard and that every young person is valued and respected as an individual. We want to empower young people to make decisions for themselves, accessing appropriate support and services throughout their transition to adulthood.

Outreach begins where young people are, both geographically and developmentally. Outreach Workers provide a platform for informal learning through building positive relationships with young people, helping them access support across the 5 key areas of development: Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical.

“The Reflex team were a real encouragement to me and helped me when I needed it most”

Young offender


We believe in supporting young people in their transition to adulthood and empowering them to make a difference in the world around them.

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Our Outreach Workers meet young people everyday, signposting them to relevant services, modelling acceptable behaviour and supporting them on their transition to adulthood.

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