Reflex are faith-based not faith biased.

This inspires us to work with people of all faiths or none in order to see lives transformed.

Rooted in Christian values such as acceptance, care and compassion, we believe every person has worth and the potential to change.

Reflex empower children, young people and young adults in their transition to adulthood, walking alongside them on their journey of discovery towards greater resilience and mature character.  Valuing individuality and community, we support those on the margins of society in their development, whether emotional, intellectual, physical, social or spiritual. Reflex’ approach is holistic, bridging these five areas and matching provision to the unique set of needs presented by each young person.

Driven by this ethos, Reflex use a plethora of creative evidence-based approaches designed to foster qualities such as self-respect, personal responsibility, self-discipline and constructive interaction with others. We encourage, motivate and challenge young people to raise their aspirations and achieve ambitious goals, urging them to broaden their hopes for the future, to dream big dreams and realise their full potential.

We believe ex-offenders with a strong sense of identity and purpose can become positive contributors to society, with the confidence, skills and drive to make a difference in their locality and the wider world.

A member of Youth For Christ
A member country of International Youth For Christ