We want each young person we work with to be empowered, developing in both character and skills in order to reach their full potential.

Creative Reflection:

Regardless of the creative medium used, each of our programmes is designed to develop young people’s creative thinking. Our programmes are able to engage young people of all academic ability through challenging and stimulating activities. Innovative methods of learning are embedded to give young people the space to create in a non-threatening environment. Our programmes also offer young people creative tools to process their thoughts and search deeper into the issues they face in order to progress as individuals.

Positive Expression:

Our programmes offer young people a platform of skills from which to express their feelings, thoughts and emotions, develop confidence and redefine their behaviour. Young people are offered the chance to tell their story, share their experiences and express how they hope to move forward with their life positively. Young people are given an opportunity to be heard on how their community could be changed for the better, and are afforded a voice in the direction of their own future.

Our outreach work is characterised by purposeful interaction between outreach workers and young people. We want to support young people throughout their development, signpost them to services appropriate to their individual needs and Model acceptable behaviour through a trusting relationship.

The role of each Reflex outreach worker is therefore centred around these 3 key elements: Model, Facilitate and Support.

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