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Date: TBC

Venue: Reflex Head Office

Time: 09:30am – 4:00pm

Places must be booked in advance.


This course will cover an Introduction to understanding and delivering Urban Skillz, exploring the need for non-formal education, the role of an Urban Skillz deliverer, facilitating workshops effectively, accreditation criteria and moderation requirements, student portfolio sheets and building a balanced course.  This training is free to anyone exploring whether this programmes is for them and it is also mandatory for all existing Urban Skillz deliverers.


Watch the end outcome, Urban Skillz music videos here: http://vimeo.com/album/1770787


To book places or for more details please contact Rob Sarjeant

To find out more about Urban Skillz, please contact Beth Whitehouse




Date: Tuesday 1st July and Wednesday 2nd July 2014  (2 day)

Venue: Reflex Head Office

Time: 09:30am – 4:00pm

Places must be booked in advance.


The myLife programme offers unique and diverse life skills courses that help you empower young people to make considered and wise choices,  becoming confident and positive contributors to society.

The programme is highly personalised to each individual and focuses on developing character through many different themes chosen by young people themselves.

myLife is written for dual delivery - as a mentoring resource and also, within a small group setting. All courses are accredited internally or externally (through OCR or ASDAN) and are written to meet OFSTED standards within school settings.


Please check out our myLife video which you can use within your schools and communities, to share the heart of what myLife is about: http://vimeo.com/57208698

You can visit the main myLife website here to find out more or book on the training: http://mylifecourses.org

To ask questions about myLife, please contact Beth Whitehouse




Date: Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th September 2014 (2 day – Reflex staff, 1 day – partnership volunteers)

Venue: Reflex Head Office

Time: 09:30 to 16:30 (Registration and refreshments from 09:00)


2 days for new and existing Reflex licensees (as part of the Reflex licence)


1 day for Reflex, Prison Fellowship and Caring for Ex-Offenders volunteers

(see below for further details)


Day 1 – For Reflex Outreach Workers and Managers (as part of the Reflex licence) and Partnership Volunteers (Caring for Ex-Offenders and Prison Fellowship).

Participants will engage creatively in looking at the development of a young person on their transition into adulthood and their experiences within the Criminal Justice System.  They will also learn more about why Reflex engage with children, young people and young adults within the custodial setting and become familiar with the tools and resources available to them as frontline Reflex practitioners.

Day 2 – For Outreach Workers and Reflex Managers.

Participants will continue to build on the learning from Day 1 by exploring in greater depth our faith ethos and the principles underpinning Reflex delivery and evidencing, as well as understanding the importance of the Systems and Brand of a Reflex licence by unpacking our ‘SEE’ model.


Cost: FREE (to Reflex licensees and volunteers from our partner organisations)

However we would ask for a £4 donation per person if you require lunch.


Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Places must be booked in advance. To book places please contact Rob Sarjeant




Date: Thursday 23rd October 2014

Venue: Reflex Head Office

Time: 09:30am – 4:30pm

Places must be booked in advance.

Through interactive exercises, case-studies and tried and tested techniques, this course will introduce participants to a number of basic offender engagement techniques which will assist them on the front-line of face-to-face delivery.  The day will include material on understanding an offenders journey through the Criminal Justice System, managing power and control imbalances, active listening skills, the Cycle of Change, motivational interviewing, Socratic questioning, and dealing with resistance.


Cost:  £75 per person + VAT - Lunch provided

(Reflex Managers and Outreach staff can attend free as part of the Reflex Licence – However we would ask for a £4 donation per person if you require lunch.)

To book places please contact Rob Sarjeant