HMYOI Thorn Cross

HMYOI Thorn Cross

This last remaining open establishment for young people in England & Wales, has had full time outreach workers since 2004.

HMYOI Thorn Cross is served by one of our longest serving members of the team. Tim Mycock joined Reflex in 2004 as an Outreach Worker in HMP & YOI Hindley.

Our work in HMYOI Thorn cross takes a much more direct approach in preparing young people for release from custody. Our regular mentoring programmes help young people to explore what life has in store for them in the future.

Our Labyrinth programme is offered to young people on a quarterly basis to help them reflect on their life and their position within their wider community and the world. It gives young people the space to think and to process their thoughts and emotions before preparing for resettlement.

Our long standing partnership with the Education and Chaplaincy team has seen numerous accredited Urban Skillz courses run over the past 6 years. These programmes have helped many young people engage in learning and skills development.

Tim also develops relationships on the wing through Outreach Work with a group of volunteers who meet young people regularly and help set up mentoring relationships via letter writing and visits, pre-release.

A member of Youth For Christ
A member country of International Youth For Christ