HMP & YOI Low Newton

HMP & YOI Low Newton


The work of Reflex in HMP & YOI Low Newton specialises in engaging young women through relational Outreach work on the wings of the establishment and sign-posting them to appropriate workshops and educational programmes.


Creative Industries

This Reflex project is unique in its delivery of its own creative industries social enterprise programme where participants can be involved in a creative business that produces high quality greetings cards sold within the prison.

As part of an ongoing work-placement or short-term project, individuals can complete a level 1 OCN Creative Arts Qualification with embedded key skills.

Through the workshop participants can develop the skills needed in the workplace. Participants work as individuals and as part of a team to design their own ideas, produce products and see it develop through to production and sales. The programme helps to give insight into all the areas involved in a business and can help those who want to think about self-employment post release or help develop skills for the future workplace.

Participants have the opportunity to gain experience in all areas of the business including customer consultation, design, evaluation, planning, producing, quality control, stock taking, processing orders, and monitoring sales.


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