HMP & YOI Hindley

HMP & YOI Hindley

Reflex work in HMP & YOI Hindley was established in 2000. It continues to engage the young adults there in a wide range of activities

Our Outreach Worker in HMPY & YOI Hindley, Simon Sullivan, takes a group of volunteers onto the various wings on a weekly basis. This is were young people often come into first contact with Reflex and are signposted to relevant services. The relationships built up through this work are vital in developing support for young people

This year Reflex has run four Urban Skillz Media courses. Each project has enabled the young people to make their own short documentry exploring the lives of other people, looking particularly at the difficulties people have had to overcome in order to achieve things in their lives. We looked at a reformed drug dealer, an elderly person, an immigrant and the successful millionair businessman who gave it all up start up his own charity helping the Dalit people of India. These projects are fantastic at helping young people explore a wider world view than their own.

My:Life is run weekly to discuss life issues. This group looks at developing character and deepening young peoples understanding of themselves and the way they are living.

Reflex’ deliver Alpha courses in partnership with Chaplaincy team, allowing young people the opportunity for spiritual development and to explore their understanding of the Christian Faith

Spiritual development continues in HMP & YOI Hindley through monthly Sunday Services in which the Reflex team help young people to engage in relevant activities that help them to express their own faith.

For young people who require assistance in reintegrating on release, our Reflex team offer the opportunity for referrals to our resettlement programme, helping young people find mentors an relevant support.

Simon has created a great team of staff and volunteers to support this work, while he also manages the Custodial Projects in the North West.