HMP & YOI Forest Bank

HMP & YOI Forest Bank

Our newest project location in the North West, HMP & YOI Forest Bank has been developed specifically to meet the needs of young people on remand, and help them adjust to their new surroundings.

Engagement with young people begins through Outreach Work on the wings of HMP & YOI Forest Bank. Our dedicated Outreach Worker builds meaningful relationship through association time on the wing.

Reflex deliver ongoing Urban Skillz Theatre and Music programmes for young people to reflect on how they arrived at their current position in life. They then have the opportunity to express how they want their lives to move forward with hope and purpose.

Young people are also offered the opportunity to explore their emotional development by attending regular myLife sessions exploring issues around anger and grief.

Reflex’ Uncut programme is delivered throughout the year in partnership with the Chaplaincy team allowing young people the opportunity for spiritual development and to explore their understanding of the Christian Faith

Spiritual development continues in HMP & YOI Forest Bank through monthly Sunday Services in which the Reflex team help young people to engage in relevant activities that help them to express their own faith.

For young people who require assistance in reintegrating on release, our Reflex team offer the opportunity for referrals to our resettlement programme, helping young people find mentors and relevant support.

The work at HMP & YOI Forest Bank is supported by a wide volunteer base and is coordinated by our full time Outreach Worker – Matty Hawthorne.

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